Hashnode is alive!


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And with that Wordpress is dead! (for me anyway)

Well, after several years, I have officially done away with Wordpress as my blogging platform. I didn't come to this decision lightly, but I am glad I did. Why? you might be thinking, well there's two main reasons.


I find it extremely 'bloated' especially when using it for something like a blog. There are multiple plugins required to get things rolling, not to mention the theme installs and customisations that need to be completed before you can even get a blog post published!


The time and effort involved in keeping it up and running is too much. Updating plugins, updating Wordpress itself, not to mention trying to fix spam comments. All this while trying to handle new posts and articles going up. When will it end!

Hashnode is the way!

I have now moved to blogging with Hashnode, and I love it! I am planning to write up a few technical articles on how to get started with Hashnode and blogging with the platform.